The 19th Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting promotes dissemination and discussion of theoretical and experimental results amongst experts on transport and confinement in magnetic fusion devices. The purpose of the meeting is to help advance the understanding and control of transport processes in present machines, with the aim of developing and validating predictive models that can be used to optimize ITER performance and design next-step devices. The meeting is open to studies covering multiple areas, including ion and electron thermal transport, particle, impurity and momentum transport, the physics of the L-H and H-L transitions and of the pedestal, transport barriers, as well as transport processes in the scrape off layer and in connection with 3D effects.

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All accepted participants of the TTF2014 meeting affiliated with members of the EUROfusion Consortium will be eligible for EUROfusion mobility support.

The 6th of June is the deadline of both registration and abstract submission


Programme Committee

C. Angioni (chair)
C. Bourdelle
T.S. Hahm
C. Hidalgo
K. Ida
P. Mantica
C.F. Maggi
V. Naulin
J. Rice
S. Sharapov
G.R. Tynan
G.S. Xu


Local Organising Committee

M. Romanelli (Chair)
P. da Silva Aresta Belo
I. Voitsekhovitch
L. Lee (Secretary)
C. Heys (Webmaster)


Participants List

John Rice
G.M. Staebler
Costanza Maggi
Jack Connor
David Zarzoso
Michele Romanelli
George Tynan
Amil Sharma
Michael Løiten
Owen Jomes
Guilhem Dif-Pradalier
Paola Mantica
Boris Breizman
Clarisse Bourdelle
Emiliano Fable
Thomas Pütterich
Jeronimo Garcia
Fülöp Tünde
Ephrem Delabie
James Myra
Lothar Schmitz
Xiaolan Zou
Daniel Told
Laurent CHÔNÉ
Andreas Martitsch
Winfried Kernbichler
Jorge A. Alcusón
Yasuhiro Idomura
Clemente Angioni
Gregor Birkenmeier
Geert Verdoolaege
Matthew Reinke
Camenen Yann
Jean-Baptiste Girardo
Julien Dominski
Antoine Merle
Irina Voitsekhovitch
Garrard Conway
Alexandre Storelli
Fulvio Militello
Hugo Arnichand
Rameswar Singh
Gabor Szepesi
claudia norscini
Francis Casson
Antti Salmi
Michael Fox
Justin Ball
David Keeling
Fabio Riva
Manas Pierre
Timo Kiviniemi
Ben McMillan
Jon Hillesheim
Troy Carter
Volker Naulin
João P. S. Bizarro
Mark Chilenski
Markus Held
Luke Easy
Athina Kappatou
Chiara Marchetto
Marco Cavedon
Paula Belo
Greg Colyer
Felix I. Parra
Michael Barnes
Maria Filomena Nave
Luca Garzotti
H-T Kim
Leena Aho-Mantila
Pär Strand
Jens Juul Rasmussen
Sergei Sharapov
Edmund Highcock
Istvan Cziegler
Florin Spineanu
Arturo Alonso
Madalina Vlad
Colin Roach
David Ryan
Suzuki Takahiro
Jonathan Citrin
Carlos Hidalgo